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 Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial

Myka & Hunter

January 2014: Happy New Year Kyle and I wanted to thank you for making our family complete with our adorable puppy Myka and giving us the opportunity to adopt Hunter. I need to begin by thanking you for being so patient and wonderful with me at the beginning of our puppy picking process. As you know I was terrified of German Shepherds and said I would never own one. After visiting with you and your dogs my fear went away and I know that was because of you
and the knowledge you have. I am now the proud owner of 2 beautiful Shepherds and cant wait to get my next one!  Myka (11months)  is beautiful and all of her coloring is exactly how you told us it would be. Her temperament is perfect and you recommended the most wonderful puppy for our family. The children adore her and they play constantly. Everything you told us was exactly how she ended up being, all of your years working with German Shepherds pays off...you are the best. As far as our sweet boy Hunter goes, he is amazing. He is so gentle with the children and every night they decide who gets to sit with him on the couch and who gets to cuddle with him. I couldn't imagine what our life would be like right now if we didn't have both of them who love and protect us every day. I wanted to thank you for helping complete our family and also being so great to deal with. We will only buy our puppies from you and I will be forever grateful to you for helping me conquer my fears. All the best!

Elizabeth Tappan
Clarksburg, MD
Myka and Hunter German Shepards
Woman with German Shepherd

Thorn - Macy x Hunter Litter 

December 2013 - Hello Kyle. Its Megan. I wanted to say thank you so much for our boy Thorn. He is the best dog in the world. He goes on trips with us and enjoys our walks at the C&O trail and playing fetch at the dog park. He is so obedient he will walk without a lead around any distraction and in any environment. He is the love of our lives and has brought us so much joy and fulfillment.  He is wonderful with children, but aloof with strangers until allowed to interact. Everyone who sees him. Thinks he is the largest,most beautiful GSD they have ever seen. He just had his one year check up. He is very healthy and agile. His coat is soft and thick and his coloring is deep red in the sun. He weighed in at 110. We are in the process of purchasing a larger home in the country and I'm sure will be looking to you in the next year for another addition to the family. Thank you so much for Thorn. Happy Holidays!  I look forward to seeing you sometime. 

Hunter Litter
Hunter Litter